Best Managed VPS Hosting

Best managed VPS hosting

Managed VPS Hosting service allows you to customize hosting server quickly via top standards. Arvixe is awarded the best managed VPS hosting after reviewed 20+ reputable vps hosting providers for vps server reliability, network uptime, tech support and overall customer feedbacks. Arvixe VPS hosting is featured for reliable and fast with leading server features and affordable price.

Arvixe Managed VPS Hosting Overview

The arvixe vps hosting servers are all managed with standard server tools and softwares. Unlike all other cheap vps hosting service on the internet, the arvixe vps server is setup to deliver the best performance and security for your business website. Based their leading server configuration and management tools, you don't have to be skilled in managing a hosting server. It's already pre-optimized for production server purpose. The arvixe managed vps server leading features:

VPS Plans Linux VPS Windows VPS
Disk Space 40GB 40GB
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Guaranteed Memory 1024MB 1536MB
Server OS CentOS Windows Server 2012
CPU Cores 2 2
FREE Domain Name
FREE Control Panel cpanel/WHM Websitepanel
Private DNS Server
Price $40/mo $60/mo

Based above listed features, arvixe is simply the best choice for fast and secure vps solutions. They never create vps servers on outdated hardwares then offer you super cheap server plans. Instead, arvixe introduced the latest hardware production and server OS with nightly security updates to make sure you receive the best server performance and security. Arvixe VPS hosting also comes with standard server control panel and billing system (cpanel for linux vps and websitepanel for windows vps) where you can easily view server stats and make further customization.

Arvixe VPS hosting coupon

Thought the arvixe vps is little expensive than their competitor's? Don't worry, arvixe is so nice to give out your discount for all vps server plans via coupon code "10offvps". Using this arvixe vps coupon you will get 10% discount for either monthly or quarterly or yearly purchase!

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Why Do You Need Managed VPS Hosting?

With managed VPS hosting, server support team will carry out the administration of the server on behalf of you. They will provide free technical support on most parts. Some common tasks such as server upgrades, security enhancements and other upgrades are all included with their service and you don't need to pay at all. The vps server experts will take care of your server 24×7 and do needful as needed. Managed VPS hosting is absolutely perfect solution for people who need full control over hosting server with increased reliability, uptime and better experience. Some leading features with managed VPS server can be found from the below list

  • Better Management – Managed VPS server comes with web based control panel that allows end users to backup, restore, manage, recover, repair and reinstall a VPS without web hosting technical support.
  • Better Resource Control – A managed VPS server is always burstable to use available resources on the server. It provides the flexibility and control to customize and provide a range of services to meet the requirements of any customer.
  • Better Support – Most tech stuff will be handled by server provider so you don't have to worry about how to manage your hosting server if you're lack of experience in doing that.

Managed VPS Hosting FAQs

What's managed vps hosting?

Managed vps hosting is relative term to unmanaged. While you have to maintain the hosting server completely by yourself via unmanaged server, you get full support and available tools for managed vps server.

Why do you need managed VPS service?

Managed VPS hosting is best choice when you need high performance vps server and don't want to take the challenge of building hosting server by yourself.

What's the managed vps hosting technology?

Managed vps server is also created by traditional virtualization technologies such as openvz, xen, hyper-v and virtuozzo etc.

Why managed vps hosting is more expensive?

Server providers will spend more human resource and work time on Managed vps server. They do daily maintenance and security updates to ensure your server performance and security etc while you have to manage everything by yourself via unmanaged service.

Will managed vps receive better uptime?

Yes, managed vps server will be monitored by server providers for 24×7. Any server/network outage will be notified at the earliest time for quick response. Problems will be handled with more priorities for SLA guarantee.

How to select the best managed vps hosting service?

Not every server providers be able to offer decent managed vps hosting plans. There're many cheap vps server providers who give 10 times than their competitors because they provide less support and less quality hardware specifications to be profitable. Generally, a managed server covers server hardware costs, management software costs and support costs so it's relatively expensive. A decent managed VPS server will not be less than $30/mo. You have to evaluate the company reputation and network specs to make final decision.

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