Best Cloud Web Hosting

best cloud web hosting

Cloud Web Hosting Review

Cloud hosting is a form of cloud computing which means a server system is powered by lots of hardware units in one or even multiple networks. a web site with cloud hosting is actually hosted on multiple servers and share all resources among those servers. If there's single server failure, it will pick up contents from other servers and make sure the website is always up.

Cloud hosting has been top choice for heavy traffic sites with extremely high online requirement. The "pay by usage" feature makes cloud service worry free for low cost start. With those leading hosting provider, we can even stop the service temporarily in case we do not need to use for some time, but all data is kept there and accessible. In this article we'll discuss what's required to become a qualified cloud web hosting and the best cloud hosting provider.

Cloud Hosting Advantages

Uptime: Since the website is hosted on multiple hosting servers but not a single server, if there's single point failure, another server will take over the work and make sure the service is up. Because of this, there's no "server down" issue for a high quality cloud hosting service. Because of this, customer complaint is greatly reduced, the hosting management team will get more time to improve their services.

Price: Is cloud hosting really expensive? Not really, because the true cloud hosting is charged by usage not a monthly or yearly contract. You can always stop the service temporarily in case you don't need it and no extra cost will appear.

Scalability: In logical, the resources of cloud hosting is unlimited because it can be setup on multiple networks on multi points on the planet. you don't have to worry about usage because the system will automatically allocate more in case your usage grows up. Manual operation is excluded.

Best Cloud Web Hosting

Bluehost is awarded the best cloud web hosting provider with side by side support to your business. Either from hosting feature, server performance, price or customer support, bluehost provides unbeatable advantages comparing to any existing shared cloud service provider.

  • Networking – Networking is one of the most important parts of cloud hosting. Bluehost network backbones and simply the best of the best in United States including Level3, ATT. In order to make sure max network availability, their people constructed 3 data centers with extremly optimization. Any connection problem will be alerted and sent to engineers for urgent fix.
  • Security – Bluehost professionals constructed both hardware and software protection via top lorch procuction such as juniper,cisco,checkpoint etc. Their developers also programmed their own security products on server core level. Their ceo Matt Heaton is server core developer himself with great contribution to the industry. Their people joined multiple projects for leading security solutions.
  • Pricing – Bluehost shared hosting price starts at $3.49/mo as promotional offer. Because the entire system is cloud based, customer accounts will be instantly setup upon order verification. For cloud vps/dedicated server plans, bluehost is offering 50% discount for initial term. Absolutely unbeatable offer.
  • Support – A qualified cloud hosting provider always comes with outstanding customer support in the industry. The bluehost support team is knowledgeable for cloud computing with 24*7 instant support.

bluehost cloud hosting

More about Bluehost Cloud Hosting Plan

Bluehost cloud plans is different from any existing service. Let's take a quick look of hosting features

  • Unlimited space and bandwidth
  • Host Unlimited domains
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Free domain name registration
  • Free sitebuilder wizard
  • Cloud cpanel with scripts installer
  • Green hosting server & data centers

Besides leading server/network structures, bluehost also provides advanced management system. There're two panels for cloud hosting service – revised cpanel and cloud panel. cPanel is deeply revised to simplify the common tasks with more friendly category layouts. What really matter is their cloud panel, users be able to view/manage server resources and usage via GUI indicator. The most important feature is you can access this panel via any mobile device for anywhere access! Even your server is cracked down, you still get another tunnel for data access and make sure there's no data loss.

View bluehost cloud hosting plans at

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