Best 5 Tips in Securing your Blog site

5 tips to secure blog site

Blog is the most popular website type on internet. Almost every web developer or enterprise operates one or more blogs for company events update or personal experience sharing purpose. Because of its simple structure and easy setup, most people start their first website via blog system. Till present, over half websites are buit on blog platforms and lots of people live by blogging. Blog sites are powering a huge business today so it's crucial to apply proper security rules to it. Here're few tips and suggestions our readers can follow to secure their blog sites.

Choose the right blog platform

Choosing the right platform is half success of your blog site. There're too many options to work with thus we can easily run into bad choice. A good blog software should be simple and user friendly with good support. We highly suggest wordpress which is used by most blog professionals. The wordpress core platform is very small and easy to work with and users can fully customize it by themes/plugins with actual needs. No matter if you're web developer or novice, wordpress won't disappoint you for great and successful blog creation.

At the meanwhile, it doesn't mean you have to choose by yourself. It completely depends your needs in order to choose the perfect platform. For example if you just want to write blog posts and communicate with other bloggers, there're lots of free and great platforms to register like and etc.. You don't have to maintain the site by yourself and everything is pre-configured to use. So it's crucial to evaluate your requirements.

Configure proper user rights

Many blog sites are managed by multiple users especially for those article submission sites. It may involve administrator, moderator, writers and more roles. You should pay attention to user rights carefully and make sure they got proper permissions to complete their tasks but do not make dangerous changes to the site.

Keep updated with software vendor

Software vendors always provides various updates and fixes from official announcement. It's highly recommended to sign up their newsletter and get latest update. We can also get involved to their community forums and discuss our concerns/problems. In this way, we can always keep our blog system via newest updates and security tactics from professional suggestions.

Backup important data

Most blog system data is stored in database. No matter if we operate a small or big blog site, we should set up a backup cron on server so we can always retrieve data in case something goes wrong. Especially when we host with a less support server service, professional user end management is pretty important to ensure everything is under control.

Use the right blog hosting service

Using right web hosting service is always the most important part when we plan to promote a successful blog site. A decent blog hosting deeply optimized their servers to work with the script and provides 24*7 live support to meet our urgent contact needs. Either from server setup and network layouts, they have fully optimized on each side to deal with all kinds of website service. For support, they have a good team of professionals in various scripts. Based their resourceful manpower and ideas, they provide helpful FAQ & tutorials in using/securing our sites in multiple methods.

For fast and secure blog hosting service, we highly recommend arvixe and webhostinghub who can provide affordable and powerful hosting plans. Especially for arvixe hosting, they have both linux and windows server plans to choose with great server features.

Secure your blog site should be simple if you go in right way. We highly suggest follow above tips with needful configuration on your blog.

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