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Everyone knows it's not so easy to put up a successful website, you have to do a lot of daily works such as website update, link building and other SEO practice. The website content update would be the most time consuming task because most of the time people will feel hard to write original stuff with high quality, especially when you're not interested in the topic but just for job purpose. Because of such bottle necks, some smart programmers developed some auto blogging softwares to handle everything. In this posting I would like to introduce some of the most popular softwares for automatic article posting and some basic rules about how to promote a website.

Popular auto blogging Softwares

When the topic comes to blog, most techs used for website content update are referring to blog because of the easy integration and management. The wordpress is the NO.1 software that are being used for this purpose because almost every auto blogging software is compatible with it. Here're some of the TOP rated wordpress plugins used for auto blogging:

WP-Robot –- It must be the most popular autoblog plugin that's developed for wordpress specially. At the same time it also would be the most complex one among similar plugins. Based on more than 20 modules, once it's configured properly it will grab materials from various websites and re-compose then post to the specific categories. The disadvantage with this software is you have to read a lot of documentation in order to make it working perfectly.

Autoblogged WP Plugin — This wordpress plugin is to grab web content based on RSS feed, no matter what kind of website it is, as long as rss available for the targeted website, the software will be able to crawl.

WPematico & WP-o-matic  — They're two different softwares but doing the same work, the difference is wpematico be able to caching images from source website or upload to your server while wp-o-matic can not handle it.

WPMixer — This plugin will not only grab the website article content but also the user comments, if you want to see some activity on your website, this plugin is ideal choice.

Should you auto blogging?

No matter how professional the software is, it's still doing the same thing — steal contents from other people's websites. So if you're copying materials from copyrighted websites you can easily cause copyright issue and get reported. The auto blogging techniques are mainly used by people who're managing a group of websites for google adsense purpose. They don't care if some of the websites will be reported because they have many! But the final result for such website is to be banned by search engine. So if you're going to promote a website for long term purpose, never try such methods!

How to create a successful blog website?

Since it's blog website, it's based on your preference, because you like blogging, because you like writing on internet and share to people. So before you start a website, think twice about what you're going to do and make a plan about what you will need to do. Please keep in mind most successful websites are based on the webmasters' long term continuing hard working, if you're going to promote a successful website, you should be ready for any potential hardness.

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