Best ASP.NET MVC 4 Hosting Revealed mvc 4.0 hosting MVC 4.0 Overview

What's MVC 4.0? MVC 4.0 is a framework for developing highly testable and maintainable Web applications by leveraging the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. mvc 4 is built on 4.0, developers can take advantage of existing features like authentication and authorization, profile settings, localization etc.

What're the new features from mvc 4.0? mvc 4.0 can be installed side-by-side with ASP.NET MVC 3 and you can upgrade from your existing mvc project directly by copying over all the views, controllers, code, and content files. The best improvement in this release is the "create new mvc 4 projects" has been updated to create a more modern-looking website which is Mobile compatible! The template employs a technique called adaptive rendering to look good in both desktop browsers and mobile browsers without any customization. With increasing mobile website users, mvc 4 simply offers the best solution for web developer up to date requirements.

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Best mvc 4.0 hosting

If you read over the officie web pages you should have found the mvc 4.0 is still developer preview release but not final product. If you're web developers you can simply get it installed on local and take all the advantages, however you might find it hard to find a real hosting service for it. Why? Because reliability is final purpose for production server, most hosting providers would not take the risk using some beta version softwares because they need to be responsible to all clients. Any potential security hole may desdroy the entire server.

The leading hosting providers always keep everything up to date and once something is officially approved, they will apply to all hosting servers. For high quality hosting providers with latest mvc framework support, you should pay attention to the following brands

Arvixe mvc 4.0 Hosting Arvixe: Always recommended Windows & Hosting with industry standard equipments & Hosting features. MVC Hosting starts with only $5/mo with 20% discount!

Winhost mvc 4.0 Hosting

Winhost: Affordable hosting plan with enterprise level support. Winhost is dedicated in offering windows hosting service with 100% microsoft technologies. mvc 4.0 hosting Discountasp: Respected name in web hosting and microsoft gold partner. Powered by official group where you can always get the latest tech support.

More about MVC 4.0 Hosting MVC 4.0 will be a simple support by all leading hosting providers as long as it's officially released. There's no special requirement to get MVC 4.0 working but just a simple installation on server end. However it doesn't mean every service will be as good as advertised. For best performance and security purpose, you should always host your mvc application with a reputable service where the hosting servers are setup with powerful hardware and windows OS(windows server 2008 is minimum requirement). The hosting service must be easy to use with friendly hosting control panel. The crucial point is you can always view your website online so 99% uptime must be offered.

The above 3 web hosts are all reputable .net hosting providers with leading server configuration. DiscountASP is sponsored by official people where you can always take the .net advantages in earliest time, but you also need to pay more with their service. $10/mo to start with and sql server databases will be charged with extra fee. Winhost and arvixe provide budget hosting plans for reasonable price. But winhost limit your database size strictly and seems you don't have the chance to purchase extra space.

Arvixe is different from any of them, while offering super cheap hosting solutions and leading hosting features, you get unlimited disk space and unlimited ms sql databases in same hosting account. You also get dedicated application pools per site and free domain name opportunity. With standard websitepanel you can manage website files/database/email accounts and all other website configurations without professional skills. Arvixe is by far the best choice for cheap and reliable hosting.

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