Arvixe vs Hostgator

Arvixe vs Hostgator

Both Hostgator and Arvixe are in the list of top 8 web hosting where people can get support for windows and linux server hosting service. We found many people feel hard to choice between the two web hosts when comparing the hosting options.

To learn more about the two web hosting groups, we highly recommend you to check out the Hostgator review and Arvixe review articles to learn more about their background. In this article we're going to compare Arvixe and hostgator from indepth reviews.

Arvixe vs Hostgator – Hosting Plans

Both arvixe and hostgator group offer multiple web hosting plans including shared, VPS, reseller and dedicated server hosting with leading offers. They're created to meet your different website hosting requirements.

About shared hosting plans. Arvixe provides two shared hosting plans for linux and windows server platforms ($4/mo for linux, $5/mo for windows). There you get free domain name for life, unlimited disk storage and databases. The arvixe hosting is configured on standard cpanel/websitepanel hosting control panel with all rich features available. Hostgator offers total of 3 hosting plans for shared hosting service ($3.96/mo for 2 years linux hosting and $4.96/mo for windows). Hostgator also provides standard cpanel and plesk hosting control panel but does not offer free domain name registration.

About VPS hosting plans. Hostgator offers multiple VPS hosting solutions where you can choose to sign up either managed or unmanaged based your management skills. On the other hand, Arvixe provides full managed VPS servers with little more costs. The arvixe VPS servers are all pre-optimized where you can host business applications directly without dealing with lots of technical stuff.

About Reseller hosting plans. Arvixe provides reseller hosting opportunities for both windows and linux server platforms. There you will get free billing and client management softwares as well as free domain name. You will be able to setup unlimited hosting account for only $20/mo! Hostgator only provides linux reseller hosting opportunity since from the begining, however, hostgator is by far the largest reseller hosting provider that's used by hundreds and thousands of people on the planet. They're pretty mature in offering reliable and decent reseller hosting service.

About dedicated server hosting. Both arvixe and hostgator provide dedicated server opportunities. The dedicated servers on hostgator are all pre-defined where you just need to choose the exact server specs. Things are different on arvixe hosting where you can customize everything over the server features such as processor, RAM, disk storage and monthly data transfer etc. You also be able to choose RAID for your hard disk. If you're server professionals and need to setup a powerful hosting server, the arvixe will be better choice. If you just need a budget server without having to make further changes, hostgator will work perfectly too.

Arvixe vs Hostgator – Data Center Specifications

Softlayer datacenterBoth arvixe and hostgator utilize the Softlayer's datacenters. The hostgator makes use of four of Softlayer's Dallas, Texas-area world-class datacenters that come with state of the art security, power, safety, and cooling systems. The arvixe mainly takes datacenter space from Dallas and Houston. Each of them come with UPS power, diesel generators, and multiple 10 gigabit fiber connections to locations all over the world. There's no much difference for both hostgator and arvixe networking because they both are powered by world class backbones.

Arvixe vs Hostgator – Customer Support

The customer support on hostgator and arvixe are very close. They both offer support in various channels including web chat, US toll-free calls, email and ticket support as well as resourceful knowledge base with lots of tutorials. They both provide honest and knowlegeable live support for every client. We rarely tried the support from hostgator since arvixe is our main service provider. From our personal experience with arvixe, they're honest and friendly in communicating with each other, they actually got multiple level 2+ tech staff on live chat to handle tech problems. To learn more about our experience, you can check this article for details.

Arvixe vs Hostgator – Price Value

Arvixe hosting starts with $4/mo where you can get 20% discount for yearly registration using arvixe coupon "mvchosting". 30% discount also available if you sign up 2 years upfront! This discount will decrease the price from $4/mo to $2.8/mo! Absolutely the best price from all leading hosting service.

Visit arvixe for promos at

Hostgator price is little complex comparing to all other hosting providers because all of their partnership website be able to offer indepenent promo codes with different discount values. The most popular hostgator coupon "review25off" will result in 25% discount for any period purchase.

Visit hostgator for promo details at


Arvixe and hostgator, which is better? Hostgator is one of the most reputable linux hosting provider since their business start and almost recognized the industry standard. Till present, hostgator serves more than 8 millions world wide websites that vary from personal to large business. Over 10 years fast growing up, hostgator is offering reliable and honest hosting service. Hostgator is good for

  • Fast growing up website
  • Adult website hosting
  • Ecommerce website

Arvixe is most well know for their affordable windows hosting service that comes with all leading features. Arvixe is good if you need

  • Free domain for life
  • Unlimited ms sql databases
  • Remote iis manager access
  • Secure ftp connections

Learn more about arvixe at

Learn more about hostgator at

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