Increase Recurring Purchase Rate

improve recurring purchase on your website

Online marketing is the same as traditional shop, we always need to make lots of efforts to be profitable. To get recurring customer order on website is pretty essential to improve our sales. We need a perfect website and communicate with clients professionally so they will visit our store frequently and make recurring purchase. Here we're going to share several golden tips from a successful website owner. Use it with your wisdom and hopefully you'll be the next millionaire!

Tip 1
Free trial before purchasing – It's a popular trick for most people. We always see numorous free tasting or free drink promotion in food stores. Most of the time, if the customer accepted your free offer, they will pay to continue with your further offers. The point is we must offer "Quarlity Free Products" to satisfy our potential clients, and the most important is we do give our customer what they pay or else we're just cheaters.

Tip 2
Keep communication with existing clients – Why? Because customers are easy to forget us, if we don't track them in time, they might completely forget who we are.

From traditional business, we can call our customers or visit them directly. But what we do for online sales? Email is absolutely the perfect solution. We can easily send our latest promotions and contact tunnels to people via email. Remember, we must be honest and sincere in writing the letter or else people will simply treat it as SPAM and delete it with no glance! Why do we use email? Because it's free and many people would not like to leave TEL numbers to avoid disturbance, but email is true. At the end of our email letter, we must provide a good reason for people to purchase our products so they might re-visit our website and make orders.

Tip 3
Encourage customer to advertise our products – Because of the competition, it's more and more hard to find a new customer. If our existing clients could introduce for us, that would be great and most of the time it will be successful. How to do it? Here're several detailed methods

a. Member score program – Many stores have such programes. It means customer will get scores by purchasing our products. The scores can be used for further discounts or exchange other products. Use it wisely but not limited, for example people will get scores for introducing other people to join and buy, more purchase/introductions means higher level and they will get more privileges.

b. Give out – It's popularly used for affiliate program by many companies.

c. Find visitor really needs – Sometimes our customer is brought to us by other people's experience. They are interested with the promotion or privileges from those people. For example we're selling credit cards and offer some discount by purchase via our cards, if one of our clients showed our advantages to families/friends, they will be our potential clients.

It's hard for marketing, we don't have that much time and engergy in client exploitation. If we can encourage our existing clients to be our advertiser, sales will get flying increase and our company can really grow up. No matter how hard it is, we must do it if we want to be successful!