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What Should You Know About Website Backup?

Due to our modern technological progress the loss of files or databases can be can be really a tragedy, because in many cases it's like a loss of the income.

The cases of hacking are rare today, because hosting providers are reliable enough, but you can't ignore them. The hosting panels give many ways to backup websites. But here is the questions – can the website be restored from backup copy? Is the backup done regularly? And even does it exist at all? Absolutely, we can't always rely on hosting company for backup, especially for essential data backup, we must do it by our own. If you've not awared of the problem for lack of this good habit, just take a look at the following stats from google search:

"site down" – 90 500 people try to find it every month
"website is down" – 110 000 searches per month
"database corrupted" – 8 600 searches per month
"restore database" – 49 500 searches per month

To bring the site back to life after is has been hacked, you need to get the files and database of the site back on the server the same as they were there before it was infected.

How do we backup account files?

The backup copy can be easily done. You just need to merge the backup files of the website using FTP client such as FileZilla, and creating a dump of the database through PhpMyAdmin – just select your database and click "Import" button.

How does BackupSF simply the  backup process?

Via traditional solution we have to enter various credentials everywhere whenever we would like to make a backup. But we can simply entrust the BackupSF with this routine. The software backups files of the website and database on the local computer. We need to enter username, password, database name, user and password, the address of the database server and then set the regularity of backup. Once setup, it will be placed there forever with no further action needed. Take a look at the interface screenshot below.

website backup

As we see, it's pretty simple and user friendly design. We don't have to learn a lot in order to use the solution.

As a result we'll have three copies – a backup done by hosting provider + copy on PC + copy of website in the cloud service.

Do we need to pay for this software? Yes, it's commercial software. They have different license fee for different requirements. If you're going to purchase it, make sure to mention our website to their sales and you will receive some discount.

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