Dot CN domain Reopened for Personal Registration

Dot CN domain registration

Our topic turns to China again in this article. Just two days before, the CNNIC announced to open dot cn domain name registration to everybody. After two years' restriction over this type domain, it's finally re-opened.

Dot CN domain name introduction

Dot cn domain is managed by CNNIC. The cn domain name is opened for public registration in 2007 and becomes very popular because of the cheap price (only one CN yuan, about $0.2 USD). The positive effect is more people be able to launch their personal websites with low costs. From the ICANN stats, dot cn domain has the second largest registration after dot com. Just like a coin with two sides, the negative effect of the price is many people make buck registration and doing spam over the domains. During 2008 – 2009 there're over one million spam sites on cn domain names.

Maybe because of this, the CNNIC stopped it's registration to personal, only registered companies be able to with some signed materials. Since from then, the ICP license is strictly applied to every websites that hosted on China hosting servers.

How will it affect the market for the re-open?

Definitely, lots of new registration is expected. Since from the previous restriction policy, many people can not register their wished domains with cn tail. There're many unregistered popular names under dot cn so there's huge business. But since the price is turned to the same as other popular domain extensions like .com or .net, The growth would be in good control. The current price is 55 cn yuan under $9 USD)

Is it worth to register the cn domain?

Technically speaking, the cn domain name has no difference to .com or .net etc. If you have a good name in mind, it's recommended to register quickly if it's available. Also, if you have or going to have a business setup in China, the cn domain has some part advantages. The only concern would be the domain security. Because of the past experience over many people, we have to worry if our domains will be locked or removed for any reason. But if we're doing right on the domains for website purpose, I think it's a good chance now to get the wished domains.

Top level dot cn domain registrar: only the and are recommended if you're going to register those domains. They're available with .cn and As for international registrars, Godaddy would be the primary consideration in near future, because it has the closest co-operation with CNNIC. You can also check out this best domain registrar for more brands.