Google Zeitgeist 2011

Google Zeitgeist 2011

Have been used to google search in your daily life? Do you know what other peoples are searching for at the meanwhile? As a member of the internet surfers. It's necessary to learn about how other members doing. Here's the report of Google Zeitgeist 2011.

Rebecca Black is in list top and the Google+ is followed at very secondary. The year 2011 can be recognized as the year of Apple Corp., 3 of the top 10 search words are occupied by their names such as Steve Jobs, iphone 5 and ipad 2.

The top searched keywords for 2011 including:

  • Rebecca Black:Singer of the "Friday" on Youtube, a 13-year-old girl.
  • Google Plus:The Google's social networking.
  • Ryan Dunn:Ryan Matthew Dunn (June 11, 1977 – June 20, 2011) was an American reality television. Passed away in Traffic accident.
  • Casey Anthony:A mother accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, the murder is sentenced to NOT ultimately.
  • Battlefield 3:Award-winning gameplay for Xbox 360
  • iPhone 5:The Apple's new product in legendary.
  • Adele:An England 22-year-old female singer. Well known for her hot sell album "21".
  • 東京 電力:An Japanese company with nuclear plant leak in Tsunami and earthquake.
  • Steve Jobs:The founder and CEO of Apple Inc.
  • iPad2:The next generation of iPad Tablet PC

Top 10 fast falling keywords

  • Myspace
  • Hi5
  • Mebo
  • Nasza Klasa
  • Netlog
  • Baidu
  • Wer Kennt Wen
  • Meinvz
  • Hotmail Correo
  • Delta Airlines

Top 10 fast rising consumer electronics

  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Iphone 4s
  • Sidekick 4g
  • Hp Touchpad
  • Spb Shell 3d
  • Ipad 2
  • Htc Sensation
  • Samsung Nexus Prime
  • Sony Ngp
  • Ipad 3

Top 10 famous people search

  • Rebecca Black
  • Ryan Dunn
  • Pippa Middleton
  • Casey Anthony
  • Adele
  • Steve Jobs
  • Amy Winehouse
  • Osama Bin Laden
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Kate Middleton

Google Zeitgeist is search analysis tool from Google inc. It will provide the statistics of daily google search and tells out what people are most concerned. For a full list of report. you can visit the following Google Zeitgeist official pages

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