Web Hosting Billing Softwares Comparison

best hosting billing software

No matter what kind of online business you're operating you will need a billing solution to charge your clients, your clients will also need an interface to manage their account stuff. Here I'd like to talk about the most popular billing softwares used in web hosting and find out which is most suitable to your business.

TOP web hosting billing softwares

Actually there're many outstanding billing softwares developed by smart programmers. Here're 3 of the most popular ones on the market: ClientExec, Hostbill, Whmcs.

ClientExec — It's a Linux based commercial billing solution and is developed by NEWEDGE Services, Inc. Basically, this software has included all common hosting billing tasks modules/plugins such as domain registration, payment gateway integration and fraud protection etc, you can also integrate clientexec to many third party technologies

ClientExec official site: www.clientexec.com
ClientExec online demo: http://www.clientexec.com/demo.html

Hostbill — Hostbill is a simple and powerful billing solution for web hosting companies, Administrators be able to manage clients, billing and support in one place from anywhere in the world. The most outstanding advantages with hostbill is everything is being processed automatically from pre-configurations.

Hostbill Official site: www.hostbillapp.com
Hostbill online demo: http://hostbillapp.com/demo

WHMCS — WHMCS is by far the most popular billing solution on the market and accepted by most web hosting companies. WHMCS is featured for secure and max compatability for most control panels. To learn more about whmcs you can visit this whmcs hosting posting.

WHMCS official site: www.whmcs.com
WHMCS online demo: http://whmcs.com/demo.php

ClientExec vs Hostbill vs Whmcs

Since all the three softwares are highly rated, which is actually better from user feedbacks? Let's check out this table list first about their features

Software Name WHMCS HostBill ClientExec
Monthly Price $15.95 not available $15.95
Required OS Windows & Linux Windows & Linux Linux
Developers API yes yes yes
User Ratings A++ A A

As you see, ClientExec and whmcs are almost the same price structure as well as technical parts, however clientexec is only working for linux services while whmcs is compatible with both linux & windows. the hostbill is working with both OS but has to be paid anually which might not be good solution for small companies. From all aspects comparison, whmcs would be better choice no matter if you're running a small hosting company or large business.

Hosting control panel doesn't require separate billing software

If you searched around the web, most hosting service are cpanel based and always need separate billing system to manage your account profiles. Is there an all-in-one solution for all about this? Yes there is, Vdeck is the best one where you can manage web hosting, billing and domain registration etc under the same interface. However since it's still an inhoused product, you can't purchase it anywhere, if you would like to sign up Vdeck hosting plan you can consider Fatcow or iPage since they're the leading name for this product.

Go to http://www.fatcow.com for hosting details
Visit http://www.ipage.com for vdeck hosting plan