Top DNN Hosting Comparison

Dotnetnuke Hosting Comparison

DNN Hosting Overview

Who provides the best dnn hosting service? DNN is actually simple support through hosting plans by regular .net setup. Dotnetnuke is the NO.1 open sourced application that's used for enterprise applications or personal website, blogs, community forums and more! Dotnetnuke is only limited by your imagination! Plus thousands of third party modules & skins, you can use dotnetnuke on almost every online projects.

In this article we pick up three of the top rated dnn hosting providers – Arvixe, Winhost and Powerdnn. We'll give side by side comparison to find which is the best choice.

Top DNN Hosting Introduction

Arvixe, Winhost and Powerdnn are rated top dnn hosting providers by editorial experience and our existing clients commenting. All the three providers are supporting a huge number DNN websites. Here we'll compare the three dnn webhosts and check which is suitable for your dnn project.

Top dnn hosting features

DNN Hosting Brand Arvixe Winhost Powerdnn
Pricing $3.5/mon $3.95/mon $20/mon
Supported domains 3~Unlimited Unlimited 1
Space & Bandwidth Unlimited / Unlimited 1GB / 50GB 1GB / Unlimited
Money back guarantee 60 days 30 days 15 days free trial

Arvixe vs Winhost vs Powerdnn

Arvixe – Top recommended web hosting company for industry standard equipments and hosting features. Since 2003, arvixe has been powering thousands of popular DNN websites as dnn project golden sponsor. Arvixe dnn hosting plan starts with only $5/mo, if you register yearly upfront you will receive 20% discount via arvixe coupon "MVCHosting"!

With arvixe DNN hosting plan you get free domain name for life and unlimited ms sql server database under same hosting acccount. Today, arvixe widows server is configured on 2012 with latest hardware production to ensure the best performance. Arvixe offers remote iis manager for quick website configuration. There you can assign dedicated application pool for every site you have in account!

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Winhost – Dedicated for windows hosting since from 2000. Winhost has been offering reliable and honest hosting services to thousands of personal and business websites. You have choice of windows server 2008 and 2012 platforms according to your requirements and skills. With their smart tech team they developed their own hosting control panel where you can manage both billing and hosting service under the same interface.

The weakness with winhost hosting is you need to deal with a lot of technical stuff in order to make full use of their service. Generally speaking their hosting control panel can not complete all manual works yet, you have to be code friendly in order to override their server settings. Winhost is best choice for developers who are familiar with programming. Also please note there's no live chat support at the moment. You have to contact their support via email or ticket system.

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Powerdnn – When come to say "quality", powerdnn is the best one, powerdnn is actually supported by dnn official team and several dnn communities with lots of dnn experts. The powerdnn service is dedicated for dotnetnuke website and fully optimized to support your dnn application side by side. They provide scripting support for dnn customization and templates. This is the best place if you have high requirements to your dnn site such as performance, optimization or any dnn related inquiry.

Instead of offering regular web hosting service, powerdnn is more about a hosted service where everything is handled by powerdnn company including website installation, backup and everything else. Customer get host userid & password for website management. You get what you have paid for, powerdnn be able to send you the best performance and website security in any size.


As you see above, for cheap and user friendly dnn hosting service, arvixe is best choice for side by side comparison. If you have a large website with heavy traffic, powerdnn might be working best for you.

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More About Dotnetnuke Hosting

If your website is Dotnetnuke based, it's quite important to find a right dotnetnuke comparitble hosting provider or else you may encounter many critical issues. A quality dotnetnuke hosting provider must have following minimum features offered

  • Leading server platform. A decent dnn hosting plan must be configured on the most reliable windows server. For up to date choice, windows server 2012 is the best.
  • Knowlegeable Support. Tier one support must be trained to be familiar with both sales and basic dotnetnuke troubleshooting. Most of the time you don't really need to contact ticket system and wait hours for simple solution, the live support be able to handle simple issues pretty quick.
  • User friendly. The dotnetnuke service must be easy to use by both professionals and novice. A decent hosting provider offers auto installation for this software as well as some good skins to customize your dnn site. In order to be user friendly, their service is configured via either plesk or website panel.
  • Worry free. A leading dnn hosting service must be propared for trial period or at least 30 days money back guarantee. In case it's not working properly you can request refund so you won't loose money.

From editorial experience, what really makes a dnn hosting service outstanding is the server performance. Because dnn requires very little from hosting server, just and sql server support will be enough. However, because of the competition, many hosting providers offers super cheap service and oversell their space heavily. So please make sure to evaluate your dnn site requirements carefully and find a reasonable hosting plan but not just focus on price.