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.xxx Domain Name Introduction

.xxx domain name (known as "dot triple-X") is pretty new in the industry and just approved by the ICANN on March 18, 2011. It's intended as a voluntary option for pornographic sites on the Internet. The .xxx domain name registry operator is based in Florida.

However, it's not so easy to register .xxx domain name like other ltd domains. You have to approve you're owner/webmaster of an existing adult website and the fee is pretty high! When it's initially offered, you have to pay £79.99/yr for single domain registration.

Best .xxx Domain Name Hosting

So you got the .xxx domain name already, but where to host it? It's not a technical problem but more about an legal issue because adult site is not supported by many hosting providers. If you're looking for .xxx domain hosting support. We highly suggest check out hostgator and Arvixe.

Hostgator is one of the first hosting provider who announced to support adult site officially. By serving millions of global clients, it's safe to stay with hostgator service because they're professional in dealing with such content! You don't have to pay extra in order to host your adult website with hostgator, it's just a simple support with every hostgator hosting plans. Just sign up their service at and add your domain to hosting account then you're on the happy journey to your adult site success!

Hostgator adult hosting plan features:

  • Free domain registration
  • Unlimited disk space /data transfer
  • Long experience in hosting adult website
  • Powerful hosting servers

Like to have more options other than hostgator? Arvixe is perfect place to check out. Arvixe setup very powerful hosting servers with premium network bandwidth to deal with common adult website issues such as ddos attack and high traffic loads etc. Arvixe has been doing great effort in order to serve your adult website well. Your choice of windows or linux platform for your .xxx site! Just go to for further details about their hosting support!

Arvixe adult hosting service core features:

  • Free domain name for life
  • Affordable hosting plans
  • Choice of windows & Linux servers
  • Up to 60 days money back guarantee!

Arvixe is trying to satisfy every client for any website requirement based their powerful network and server hardware setup. In order to support adult website, arvixe configured extra security protection and more strict rules to deal with high http requests and attacks. Even by doing so, arvixe did not go up the plan costs but keep everything the same as regular. In this way, we can enjoy the most promotional offer to host adult site with arvixe!

arvixe adult web hosting

More about .xxx domain hosting

Not every hosting company be able to support .xxx domain name or any adult related materials to avoid complaints and attacks. To host your .xxx adult site safely you must find a reliable and affordable service provider. Instead going to the west Europe, US is perfect place for any side comparison. Arvixe and Hostgator is by far our top recommendations for safe and reliable adult website hosting providers. You get affordable hosting plans plus knowlegeable tech support that's always around the clock!

More about .xxx domain name

There's a long history before .xxx domain got approved by ICANN. Below is a list of the change points of .xxx domain application

  • In early 2000, ICM registry submit the .xxx LTD domain registration request, however, it's opposed by lots of social communities and rejected by ICANN.
  • In 2008, ICANN rejected the .xxx application again. Meanwhile, another top level domain .kids was also rejected.
  • In June 2010, ICM registry negociated with ICANN and made big effort to get approved for .xxx domain registrarion. This negociation is very close to the final approvement.
  • Finally, the .xxx domain registration is approved in 2011 and opened for public registration by several popular domain registrar including and It's strange that they're both UK based registrars.

However, as the updates of google algorithm affected a lot to adult industry, .xxx domain got huge impact because of this. In order to recover the traffic and popularity of .xxx domain name, the ICM registry even developed a new adult content search engine called "". You have to be 18+ in order to use the search.