Pacifichost Reviews 2011

Pacifichost Reviews

Pacifichost Overview

Pacifichost is one of the oldest web hosting companies from the industry. Grown from individual to a fortune 500 Inc, pacifichost has been serving thousands of clients in various countries on the globe. Budget and Affordable could be the best explanation to their service. In this article I'll give it a fresh review and find out if it's still good to deal with.

Advantages with Pacifichost

  • Free website migration Are you afraid of messing up your website stuff by changing webhost? Are you aware of the expensive migration service? If you're looking for some service to deal with risk free and no cost, pacifichost support is exactly what you needed. Yes, pacifichost offers free website migration! Just leave the work to their support team and wait for your website online again on their server!
  • Advanced Hosting Structure Pacific hosting structure has been improving all the time as their business grows. As you see from pacific hosting features list, litespeed is what they're using for web server, this is by far one of the fastest and reliable web server softwares in the industry. You may notice cloudflare is also offered by pacifichost, that means you're  enjoying cloud hosting level services by using pacifichost. Hola!
  • hosting coupon code Although pacifichost service is already unbelievable cheap, their team is so nice to offer discount coupon codes to save you 20% for sign up! I have to say, there's no other hosts who can proudly offer it on official site with such great discount! Their hosting coupon is changing monthly or quarterly, however I'm so lucky to get a permanent coupon to use and like to share with you all — Webhostpark, Yes! just use our website name as coupon code and save 20% from your total order today!

pacifichost review

Pacifichost Hosting Weakness

Just like every service provider in the industry, pacifichost also has it's own disadvantage except all those good aspects.

Slow support seems the most complained stuff by their clients, their support team must be pretty busy to deal with all kinds of problems because of their attractive hosting features. Fast support always leave good impression to clients regardless of the actual service. I think pacifichost might consider to employ more stuff to deal with their fast growing business. However, please keep in mind you always get actual solution regardless of the slow, this is probably the most important for live services.

However, from my personal experience with pacifichost, no slow support case yet, I will keep testing their service and update more.

Another heavy complaint to pacifichost is their frequent downtime. From user experience, it's almost daily basis which is not acceptable for online business.

Any more? You might check out the comment on this article. That person spammed everywhwere with the same words. Our website received the same one multiple times in the past months. I just kept one on this article and show you how they're doing. It's absolutely bad marketing method to spam everywhere.

How do we think about pacifichost hosting?

We wrote another pacifichost review from the last year based on users' experience, but we definitely lack of actual personal experience with this company so we write a fresh review again this year. From my personal experience with pacifichost, I think it's still a good company to go if you're looking for budget hosting with all needed hosting features to put up a medium size website. Especially for experienced webmasters who can fix most website related problems, pacific is still right choice today! But based their bad impression and wrong marketing direction, I can't trust them anymore. If you're looking for quality alternative hosting, we highly suggest check out hawkhost which is also litespeed based hosting provider.

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Hawkhost vs Pacifichost

Hawkhost and pacifichost are well known for their first litespeed support and cheap hosting plans. However, hawkhost is definitely better choice based their industry reputation, hosting features, server uptime and customer support. Unlike pacifichost who spam everywhere to get customer attention, hawkhost is doing honest business and gain business by offering reliable hosting service. Hawkhost provides super affordable hosting plans with leading offers to help with your website success. From editorial experience, hawkhost is considered the standard choice of litespeed hosting service and rated the best and reliable budget hosting provider. Actually you won't find another hosting provider with better offer like hawkhost does at the moment!