Web Hosting Monsters Revealed

Web Hosting Monster

Most of the time, some webhost just like their domain name says — the monster in web hosting. Indeed, there're many web hosting companies setup their websites via animal names and actually doing very well in the business. In this article I'll introduce several well-known brands and make a general comparison.

What're the most famous animal named hosting?

Till present, Hostgator, Hostmonster and Hawkhost are 3 of the most famous hosting brands in the industry. Their services will meet requirements for most webmasters. Whenever you choose any of them you can always find a good solution for your website. So which of them are doing better?

Actually each of them has their own advantages according to your different requirements to hosting. Here's a table list of their hosting features

Brands Hostgator Hostmonster Hawkhost
Monthly Price $3.96 $5.95 $3.29
Web Server Apache Apache Litespeed
Control Panel cpanel Cpanel Cpanel
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Hostgator vs Hostmonster vs Hawkhost

Hostgator — Almost known by every people, it's definitely the real "monster" in this industry. With successful business marketing and outstanding service, hostgator creates over 1% of total internet traffic. Each service you get from this company can be recognized as industry standard.

Hostmonster — Sister site of Bluehost and serving half of their total business. For very a long time, many people prefer to use hostmonster instead of bluehost because of the "one buck difference". Now their price is configured the same by their new owner and everything seems to be equal.

Hawkhost — Hawkhost is outstanding for their litespeed web server which is recognized as one of the fastest web server softwares. SSH access is another feature to attract people's eye-balls. if you need high performance and ssh support, hawkhost is your right choice.

As you see from above explanation, All the three are linux hosting based but hawkhost is definitely most outstanding among the comparison. Especially when you requires fast loading on your website, litespeed is the best replacement of Apache (10 times faster from testing). Moreover, you can configure your hosting stuff via ssh command line.