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Inmotion Hosting 50% OFF Promo

Inmotion Hosting 50% discount promo

Inmotion Hosting Promo Introduction

Inmotion Hosting 50% off promo is there! Sign up today and enjoy 50% discount for Shared Hosting(Launch & Power Plan) and VPS Server plans!

View promo details at

How long will the promo be valid?

There's no time provided for the shared hosting promo, however the dead time is set on 4/30/2013 for VPS. Since it's quite rare for inmotion hosting group to give out such big offer, the shared hosting promo should be ended on that date as well. If you have liked inmotion hosting and have been heard lots of comments to their high price, it's time to act now.

What's included with this inmotion hosting promo?

The hosting features are offered exactly the same for regular price. Both plans offer one free domain registration and muleiple domains hosting opportunity, unlimited Email & FTP accounts, multiple Mysql databases and individual cpanel sub-accounts. All packages are backed by unconditional 90 day money back guarantee!

Inmotion hosting promo

Comparing to inmotion hosting high performance shared hosting service, InMotion VPS server plans are 100% max zone speed optimized with premier support plus 30 day full money back guarantee! You can't find a better offer from any other server providers. Inmotion VPS solutions is perfect for businesses application needs that requires custom firewall and further security setups.

Inmotion hosting VPS promo

Unlike most other web hosting providers who promo their business via various hosting coupons, Inmotion hosting never issued any such code. Above promo is actually the very first big discount that be able to compete with all cheap hosting plans on the internet. While it's offered at low costs, we still take all existing advantages such as no overselling server, 100% satisification guarantee etc. In a word, with the 50% discount service we receive more than twice the value!

More about Inmotion Hosting

InMotion hosting is an award winning web hosting provider since 2001. It is popular for business hosting solution and available for multiple tiers plans including shared, VPS and dedicated server hosting. In order to meet your side by side website hosting requirements, Inmotion group joined and actually managed many professional web forums via multiple languages to communicate with webmasters directly. Their support team comes from different locations of the world including USA, China. They are able to offer hosting support via multiple channels around the clock.

Get started with Inmotion hosting today and enjoy 50% discount!

IX Xmas Promo 2012

IX Web Hosting Xmas promo 2012

Happy Holidays to everybody from IX web hosting group! In order to celebrate the most important festival of the year, IX has launched the very first Holiday Sale ahead of all other providers! Promotions are broken into three parts so that none of the goodness gets lost.

Part I
Use the coupon code HOLIDAY2012 and get a 55% discount on IX most popular Expert Plan (usually $6.95/mo.)! Don't worry, It's the same great Expert Plan as IX always had, except now it costs less. It's a great gift idea for a friend or relative who wants to advertise their art, write a blog, or put their business online.

Part II
Maybe you feel like you're starting to outgrow shared hosting. No problem, IX also offering a 50% discount off the first month of introductory VPS and Cloud hosting plans. Just use the coupon HOLIDAYVPS12 for VPS and HOLIDAYCLOUD12 for Cloud. It's the perfect opportunity for you to save some money if you'd like to try out some of our more advanced hosting options.

Part III
If you're all set as far as hosting plans are concerned, IX also has a few sales on additional products. If you need an SSL certificate, good news! SSL certificates have been made practically free. 90% OFF. Discounted to $4.95! Coupon code: HOLIDAYSSL12. And, if you were thinking about starting another website… more good news! Domain names are discounted to $1.99 when you use the coupon HAPPYHOLIDAYS.

The sale runs from December 17th – 25th. Don't miss it, because if you miss it, you're going to be all like, "Oh man! I missed it!" Check it out right now.

Why so great offers from IX? Their people want to do some efforts and give back to the community so families who had fallen on hard times could still give their children a happy holiday.

Also, to celebrate the holiday, for the third year in a row, IX Web Hosting took part in the annual Franklin County Children's Services Holiday Wish Event and provided toys for 85 kids!

Just yesterday, IX released their awesome new control panel "MyIX". The heavy holiday promotion will definitely promote this software a lot. Anyway, don't forget to claim the great offer since it'll be the last offer of 2012!

Ixwebhosting Cyber Monday Promo

Ixwebhosting Cybermonday Promo

Cyber Monday is there! Today ixwebhosting offers 55% off promotion for all shared hosting plans. Price is decreased to as slow as $2.96/mo! Don't miss the big opportunity if you would like to enjoy their unlimited offers plus up to 15 dedicated IPs bonus!

Offer details

Just go ahead and navigate to home page, we'll see the cybermonday promo. With coupon code "cybermonday" the price will go down to $2.96/mo for expert plan and 55% discount will be applied for other shared hosting plans. Just choose the correct plan according to your hosting requirements.

How long should I sign up?

Well, that really depends how long you will promote your website. If you just like to run it in short term or you're going to upgrade the service after some periods, one year or less would be good choice. But if you are running a personal or small size websites in long term plan, the longer service the better because it's BIG SAVING.

Take our experience for instance, we signed up IX for one year with a nice discount coupon, but when I determine to renew it for another year, the price goes up to the original one and what really bad is no coupon code for account renewal. If I choose to renew two years or more I will receive some discount but it's far more less than a nice promo code like the above one! So if you like to keep long term membership, I highly recommend sign up 2 years at least so don't have to pay more when account due.

Is Ixwebhosting good service provider?

I have to say the IX hosting service is probably the most easy to use one in the business. Their H-Sphere hosting control panel is actually simplified cpanel and no problem to use it at all even for novice.

The IX Linux hosting server is same as other providers with up to date haredware/software implements. However their windows solutions are little backward. While server 2012 is being popularly offered by leading providers, it's still windows server 2003 from IX and sql server stays on 2005 edition. It's pretty old technology for modern developers, the spotlight with the service is it's stability. So basically if you like to simplify your linux hosting with leading technologies, ix would be your perfect choice, but if you would like to use up to date windows technologies, you sould look somewhere else like Arvixe and winhost etc.

Arvixe Black Friday Promo 2012

Arvixe black friday promo 2012

As expected, the Arvixe biggest promotion comes out! With limited 48 hours BLACK FRIDAY promotion, we get life time 50% discount for all shared & VPS hosting plans! If you have been waiting for this offer, hurry up and sign up now with coupon code "BLACKFriday"

What's really good of this arvixe promotion?

The spotlight with the promotion is on "LIFE TIME" term, means if we sign up with 50% discount then we're qualified with the same price for any term renewal! It's absolutely the best offer in web hosting business.

As we know, no matter how much discount offered from initial sigin ups, the renewal price will return to regular for most providers and maybe there's some kind "renew fee" beside the actual hosting costs. BUT, arvixe is proudly to offer clear price and delete all other confused terms. As far as I can tell, it's the first hosting company who's doing so great!

Should you sign up arvixe hosting?

Absolutely yes. With arvixe affordable hosting solutions we have choice to use windows & linux platforms with upgrade plans. That means if we start with a small site and promote it under a good plan, we don't have to worry about website suspension because of overloading. We can upgrade to next level hosting plans with zero downtime!

Hurry up and enjoy arvixe life time discount!

iPage Black Friday Promo 2012

iPage black friday promo 2012

Black Friday 2012 is coming! Are you ready to accept the biggest promotion of the year? Don't be shocked by the tons of great deals but not sure where to go. Today let's check out the first and probably the biggest promotion in web hosting industry – iPage. Just from today, when ordering with this company we will receive $1.99/mo!

Promotion details

Start from today, if we choose to sign up two or three years we will receive the most promotional price – $1.99/mo, means we only pay $103.32 for three years' hosting service, around $30/yr!

normally we need to pay $3.95/mo for unlimited disk space/bandwidth and a great deal of other excellent products/services from ipage guys and we can only order one year in advance. Means when the service is due for renewal we might pay higher fees if we want to keep the service. But today we have the option to order 2 or 3 years with the most promotional price! We don't have to worry about that at all. Because when the next promotion occurs there must be a similar offer so we can transfer to it easily and continue with the lest fees!

How long will the offer be lasted?

As stated on the banner, only two days for the promotion. At the end of 11/23/23:59 the price will return to normal. Because the price almost brings zero profit to ipage company, they just want to get more orders and show up their advantages to people so people can introduce more potential clients to join in. As we see, iPage offers the promotion ahead of most other competitors so definitely they gained users' eyeballs.

Should I sign up today?

Yes, if we would like to claim the highest discount of the year. Surely it's hard to find another provider with such discount even on the actual BLACK FRIDAY!

Is iPage good hosting provider?

Well, that depends what you use the service for. iPage is famous budget hosting provider and only one shared hosting solution available. Means it's perfect choice for personal and medium size website hosting purpose, if we're running an ecommerce shop and requirements are far more than shared hosting configuration, then ipage is absolutely not the right place. Especially you have a good plan to promote your website to big famous one, you should look somewhere else that comes with upgrade options like vps or dedicated servers.

What brands we recommend for uplevel hosting purpose?

If you have uplevel hosting requirements we highly recommend to check out Arvixe, Inmotion Hosting and Winhost. No matter if we need windows or linux platform or upgradable hosting plans, those companies will provide us affordable service and quality support. You won't go wrong with them.

Arvixe Coupon 2012

Arvixe 30% Off Coupon

Arvixe is a well-known and fast growing web hosting brand. By offering low-cost hosting solutions to personal and small business websites, it's rated TOP by thousands of webmasters. For the second year, arvixe is listed on INC500 magazine again for the fastest growing up hosting provider in CA. If you have been evaluate this company and going to sign up shortly, we're going to share with the latest arvixe promotion as well as the most promotional arvixe coupon!

Arvixe Coupon for shared and reseller hosting

Colde:  Clue30

Promotion details: Get 30% off instant discount for 2 years purchasing. The promotion applies to all shared hosting as well as VPS plans.

If you're interested with VPS hosting solutions, just claim this arvixe VPS coupon: adminmysitevps and it will bring 10% discount with all arvixe vps plans.  There's an old article we post for arvixe coupon, however, that one already expired so please follow this article if you're looking for such information.

Visit arvixe and claim 30% discount today!

Arvixe Coupon 2012

Arvixe actually has updated/revised their entire site recently. If you check out the official site you can find it's completely redesigned. Not only the outlooking but also the offers. Before the revision, there's no promotion at all as default ordering. We have to enter some kind coupon code to get discounts, however things are completely changed recently. If you order without any coupon code, it will auto apply a certain discount. For instance if we choose to order 2 years it will give us 20% discount as default, no coupon needed at all! Different promotion will be applied if we choose to sign different periods. Screenshot as below:

arvixe promo

Visit arvixe for promo details!

More about Arvixe Web Hosting

Arvixe is absolutely one of the best service provider. Not only because of the offer and price, their support team managed to communicate with people in various tunnels which is impossible for most other providers. For example when we heard about a complaint of arvixe service, we always find an official reply from arvixe support and the complaint will finally got a positive treatment.

Web hosting is a competitive business and customer service is the most essential part. Every hosting provider announce to offer 24×7 support and customer care but the truth is less than half managed to do that. Some big companies even ignore customer complaints directly because they have to handle something more "important". For those small providers they do not have sufficient man power to deal with endless customer requests. Arvixe is definitely doing outstanding among all competitors. They managed to reduce customer complaints under control and follow up customer problems actively on forums, social media and their own support sites.

Except for above promotion & Coupons, arvixe will never disappoint us with great promotion on most festivals. If you would like to save big money with this company, make sure to check out on those important days like thanksgiving, National days, Company anniversary etc.

Go to arvixe and claim the best offer today!