VPS vs VDS, Difference & Relationships

vps vs vds

VPS(Virtual Private Server) and VDS(Virtual Dedicated Server) are always mentioned in virtual server hosting plans. Most of the time they're recognized the same for server virtualization, there's big difference of the actual setup and technologies being used. I would like to make a summary comparison between the two products and look which is the right one we need.

About VPS (Virtual Private Server)

How does VPS setup and work? Normally, vps is setup on the major operating system as a stand alone service. The virtual servers are created within some kind virtualization softwares such as virtuozzo and openvz etc, each vps is setup in "container". The operating system treats the virtualization software as a stand alone service/task, each VPS becomes a sub-task.

From hosting environment, all vps containers on same host machine are loaded from the same OS copy. In this way, it saved the time for duplicated installation and maintenance for support team, and of course the cost is reduced as well.

The popular virtualization softwares for VPS such as OpenVZ or Xen Paravirtualization.

About VDS(Virtual Dedicated Server)

How about VDS? Unlike the VPS working environment, the VDS virtualization is running on hardware level. That means no existing Operating system required to create a VDS instance. Each virtual machine has its own set of resources and can be configured on the fly! Because each virtual server is independently working on hardware level, we can setup any OS just like on physical server. The outstanding aspect is each VDS instance does not affect each other like traditional VPS server.

Although the VDS runs independently from other servers, it's still virtualized by Hypervisor software so all machines are managed within a shared space. VDS solutions provide almost identical services as a dedicated server.

Popular virualization for VDS such as Vmware, Xen HVM or Hyper-V etc.

Whether You need VPS or VDS solution?

From the above explanation we know that VDS has many advantages comparing to VPS. Because of the advantages, the cost of VDS is high. So if the shared environment is never suitable for your business growth and have to upgrade, you should evaluate seriously about what kind of aspects you need for hosting.

Generally speaking if you have a strong technical team on hand and have enough budget, VDS is the ideal choice because you have full control over the server resource and future upgrade is possible. Services will be working exactly the same on small dedicated server. If you want to leave the server maintenance and all tech stuff to hosting support, VPS would be better because only the support team have full access to host machine and doing trouble shoot.

Best VPS Hosting

VPS hosting plans can be found everywhere on the web, however VDS is not so popularily offered for some reasons. Some popular names in VDS offer as far as I can tell are a2hosting and pcsmarthosting. On the other hand, if you need quality vps hosting, we highly recommend to check out http://www.Arvixe.com. Especially when you're looking for quality and affordable windows vps server plans, arvixe is simply the best.

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