Best SSH Web Hosting

best ssh web hosting

SSH Web Hosting introduction

 SSH (Secure Shell Access) is a linux protocol to configure services under command line like DOS system except the data transfer is encrypted under ssh tunnel. Moreover, users can use more internet service like ftp and all linux services. If you prefer to use ssh for hosting management then you need to find a web hosting service with ssh support.

Because it's taling to server directly, not every web hosting provider be able to offer this feature for security consideration. Normally you have to sign a contract or agreement in order to have ssh enabled.

Best SSH Web Hosting Provider

While you can do so much things under ssh, the easier the hosting server will be attacked. It's the best choice to get a vps server then you can use the service freely. For shared server, the best and reliable ssh hosting awards is no better than Bluehost. Till present, there're very few other shared hosting providers who can offer reliable and real ssh hosting. For quick view, here's the summary of bluehost hosting features

  • Secure Shell (SSH) Access
  • POP3/POP3 Secure E-mail Support
  • Override .htaccess Support
  • SimpleScripts 1-Click Script Installs
  • Unlimited space and bandwidth support
  • Unlimited domain hosting and domain parking

Bluehost is also the very first hosting service who offers ssh support. Their smart team has been improving and optimizing server kernels to fulfill the up todate hosting requirements. Most of their support staff including the founder Matt Heaton are linux developers. They prepared their own datacenter to ensure the best connection and uptime.

Bluehost SSH support

Note: SSH is not enabled by default via bluehost, In order to activate shell access on your account, you will need to fax or mail a copy of your driver’s license, passport or other photo id to customer service. You can fax it to +1 (801) 765-1992 or you can submit your scanned photo ID directly to bluehost helpdesk.

Go to for ssh support details!

More About SSH Web Hosting

  • SSH Web hosting let people be able to manage web hosting account remotely and professionally. The command line interface is pretty fast comparing to traditional hosting control panel access. Advanced webmasters and web developers always need a web hosting account with SSH access for instant setup on the web server. But what are the services that you can really trust? Let's give a quick glance at the factors other than security for decent ssh hosting service.
  • Reliability – It's absolutely the primary consideration in using such service or else the traditional control panel might be better choice. The aspect of reliability refers to both network and server uptime. The most important part is you can pick up a support person instantly in case problem occurs.
  • Price – Not every ssh supported hosting provider be able to offer the best price as it's advanced hosting requirement. For most of the cases, SSH is supported by higher hosting plans such as business hosting or VPS at least since it involves further configuration and security issues. Only few web hosts be able to offer ssh support under shared hosting plans.
  • Customer Support – Support is essential part for such service. After ssh is enabled for your account, you can never tell if it will work properly or not. In that case you should be able to contact a professional quickly via support desk.

How To Use SSH?

The most popular tool for ssh connection should be putty, there're both windows and linux versions available. After you downloaded, just extract to your computer to launch the program, once connected to remote server you will be able to execute your commands.

You can refer to this Download Link for putty download and there's a lot of learning resources about how to use ssh commands.

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