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developer friendly hosting

Programmer or Developer friendly hosting refers to some web hosting services that come with a bounch of features for web development and programming purpose. It's not an independent hosting plan but mainly evalued from hosting offers. In order to be developer friendly, there're many factors to check around. Here we're going to discuss the main features we should know about and review some of the quality hosting providers.

The scripting language support

A developer friendly hosting comes with side by side support for various scripting languages such as PHP, Python, Perl including up to date frameworks. Because not every developer is ken on the same language, the hosting server must be prepared to be friendly with at least 4 scripting languages support. Sometimes we might require multiple versions support such as PHP5.2.x or 5.3.x etc, the hosting server should have such pre-installed.

Web server software

Do we need Apache or Nginx or Tomcat or IIS web server? It's really hard to find a service with all those support because it requires both Linux and Windows server. So basically, a developer friendly hosting service must have both platforms selections and be able to offer above softwares in custom configurations.

Database Support

Database is a MUST for almost every web development, different web purpose might requires different database engines. For such cases, the hosting servers must get multiple database softwares pre-installed such as Mysql, Sqlite, Postgresql as well as SQL server database on windows server.

Level of access

In order to debug in quick time, some programmers prefer direct communication to hosting server via some protocols such as SSH or SVN. However, it's dangerous to offer such service for most providers, that's why only few hosting company offered such features with a signed paper. For IIS web server, there's an option called IIS remote manager which does the same work as SSH under Linux.

Support from hosting company

Support is considered the most important feature from hosting company. No matter if you're developer or user, you always wish instant response from customer care center. A developer friendly hosting must have 24/7/365 live support even on holidays! Because uptime requirements don't take vacations. Fast response and quick fixing is mostly desired for developers!

Above is a basic requirements list for developer friendly service. We might find sometimes it's hard to get all from a shared hosting environment, especially the web server softwares and SSH options. Sometimes, we really should look into higher hosting solutions other than regular shared plans. If we don't want to manage a server by ourselves, the advanced business plan or enterprise hosting is mostly recommended since the overall resource is shared by less people and further customization can be done there.

Best Developer Friendly Hosting

As we learnt from above basic rules, VPS or dedicated server is absolutely the best choice since we can fully customize it via our requirements. However, not everybody would like to manage server by themselves. A developer friendly hosting service must come with choice over multiple hosting solutions.

Arvixe ( is awarded the best developer friendly hosting provider by it's ease of use, affordable price and cross platform support! The Arivxe hosting is configured on both windows and linux platforms with leading offers. Their windows servers are all IIS remote manager enabled as default for windows users. Arvixe now place all windows accounts on windows server 2012 and people be able to take advantages of all available features. Like linux server hosting? Tomcat server can be offered via custom configurations for all linux hosting accounts. No matter if you choose their windows or linux hosting service, you will get free domain name opportunity and unlimited databases support!

Go to arvixe for developer hosting plans

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