Top Apache Web Hosting

top apache web hosting

Apache Introduction & Hosting

Apache – The world's NO.1 and most popular web server! The goal of apache project is to provide a secure, efficient and extensible server that provides HTTP services in sync with the current HTTP standards.

Apache is sharing about half of the web server market and leading in multiple areas for it's cross platform compatibility and great performance. Especially for the competitive hosting industry, apache is offered by almost all newly setup hosting brands for low cost hosting solutions.

Top Apache Hosting Providers

Most hosting services today are linux based and apache is the standard web server software. Although Apache can be deployed to almost all systems, for reliability and security consideration. LAMP system is the most popular environment for most webhosts. Because of this, We highly recommend from the top linux hosting providers. Especially the following providers that're verified by editorial experience:

Best Enterprise Class Apache Hosting – Inmotion

Best apache hosting - inmotionInmotion is awarded the best apache hosting for enterprise class solutions. Inmotion Hosting provides leading performance and fast connection based their advanced hardware setup and huge network. Powered by both east and west coast data centers with max speed zone configuration, the Inmotion server is twice faster than most their competitors. Especially when you need cheap hosting solutions, you can not find a better hosting other than IMH. For only $5.99/mo you get unlimited SSD storage space and access to unlimited other services.

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Best Developer Friendly Apache Hosting – Arvixe

Best Apache Hosting - Arvixe Arvixe linux hosting service is 100% LAMP based and based standard cpanel software. Arvixe apache web hosting is extremely optimized to work with different hosting rquirements, thus different users/developers be able to find perfect solutions at arvixe service. By offering high quality service at low costs. Arvixe apache web hosting plans come with unlimited space and bandwidth for only $4/mo to begin with. The arvixe web server is SSD powered and apache tomcat is also available by extra costs.

Visit for more details

Best Secure Apache Hosting – Hostgator

Best Apache Hosting - Hostgator Hostgator is one of the world's largest LAMP hosting providers that's backend by the largest datacenter from north American. By utilizing the best datacenter service, Hostgator is secured deeply from both hardware and software ends to deal with common attacks such as virus and ddos attacking. Hostgator is rule maker for cpanel hosting service because of its huge business, a lot of hosting companies followed hostgator to setup their own plans.

Visit for more details

How should you choose the best apache hosting plan?

Even from your most desired apache hosting provider, there will be multiple hosting solutions. You have to evaluate the plan features carefully and learn about your website requirement for example the amount of disk space, database requirement, access level of hosting service etc. Only after reviewed personal requirement side by side, then you can compare out the best hosting plan.

What's good of apache?

  • Cross platform support – Since from the born of apache, it's been designed to compatible with the most modern system including Unix and Windows. You don't have to prepare a standard server system in order to use apache, you can install it directly from your personal computer!
  • Secure Server – Apache web server is quite simple and secure, all configurations are file based, you can manage the extension and configurations directly via notepad without third party softwares.
  • Open source – Apache is 100% open sourced. If you're system administrator or developer, you can customize apache source codes to fulfill your actual production environment.
  • Scalability – Apache is not just a web server for http, you can also use it for loading balance and proxy server. You can also develop a third party module to meet your project requirements.

For more features and newest information you can refer to apache official site to check more.

Popular Apache environment names

For apache, there're several environment available: XAMPP(Apache+MySQL+PHP+PERL). WAMP(Windows+Apache+Mysql+PHP). LAMP(Linux+Apache+Mysql+PHP), No matter what environment it is you will found Apache+PHP is always the golden partner. Especially when you like to offer hosting service to people, you will find it's pretty easy to deploy a LAMP server by taking advantages of various existing products like cpanel, WHMCS etc.

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